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Demons in America, The Washington Examiner
“Gods of Deception is an accomplished and compelling novel of enormous ambition, and it offers the most searching and thoughtful examination of the crisis and transformation of the old WASP elite that I have seen. David Cleveland is a major American novelist whose ear for language, eye for both natural and artistic detail, cultural scholarship, understanding of human character, and feel for American social reality make him a national treasure.”

Gods of Deception, American History TV

Profiles: David Adams Cleveland, NCTV18

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Part II, Art, History, Fiction and War, Ridiculous History

Why Writing Your Passions is So Important, Writer’s Digest

The Secret History 0f the Alger Hiss Trial, The Liz Wheeler Show

The Eric Metaxas Show

5 of the Most Famous or Notorious Spies in Fiction, Criminal Element

David Adams Cleveland On 5 Things You Need To Be A Successful Author or Writer, Authority Magazine

Should we be concerned another Alger Hiss is in the government? The Lars Larson Show

On Truth Revealing Itself in Historical Fiction, Writer’s Digest

Jean Book Nerd Interview

Writing History When the Crime is Stranger Than Fiction, Crime Reads

Interview: David Adams Cleveland, Crime Fiction Lover

True Crime and Espionage: The World of Lies Behind the Alger Hiss Spy Trial, Mystery and Suspense Magazine

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Gods of Deception by David Adams Cleveland: Featured Excerpt, Criminal Element

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Charles Melville Dewey, A Forgotten Master of Classic TonalismThe Magazine Antiques

The New York Water Color Club, The Magazine Antiques

Charles Warren Eaton & the Tonalist MovementAmerican Art Review

Landscape, Memory, Sensation… Alexander Harrison, Tonalist Painter and Model for Marcel ProustThe Magazine Antiques

Dance Writing, Washington Star, Dance Magazine, Ballet News, Dancing Times, Washington Post

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